Steotchalong 4: Pattern III



Go here if you need more information.

As always, the Steotchalong is pay what you want if you want.

Don’t forget the WIP contest this year is underway – so keep your pix coming.  We’ll do a Watchalong post here next.


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You may download Pattern 3 below. Don’t stop get it get it.

Steotchalong 2016 – the third pattern

Steotchalong 4: Watch My WIP


Steotchalong 4’s first pattern drops Monday.  Be sure to check out the official landing page for complete guidance and updates.

Like last year, we’re going to run a contest for those of you playing along at home.  Unlike last year, this year there will not be just one prize for the first person to correctly guess the pattern.

This year we’re giving away 4 prizes for best work-in-progress pics.  Last year we had more than 500 WIPs appear on Instagram and across the webs.  Let’s let a thousand WIPs bloom in 2016.

Post your work-in-progress picture using hashtag #steotchalong on Twitter or Instagram – to our Facebook page – or in the Steotch.com forums.  Awards for WIP pics will be given in four categories:

  • Funniest
  • Cutest
  • Daringest
  • Dankest Place

The winners will receive notoriety beyond compare, and Steotch Do-It-Your-Ownself Cross Stitch Kits (we have new designs coming soon) (US/Canada only – international winners will receive digital downloads from the Steotch Etsy store of equal or greater value).

As always, we are counting on all of you to not take any of this too seriously.  We will choose the winners based entirely on our own whims, and our decisions will be final.

Have fun, be safe, don’t hurt each other.

The Reddit Lovers’ Power Pack

All December, we’ve been hosting Steotch Month on /r/crossstitch, with our AMA, a freebie ornament and special discounts and giveaways.

Now we’re wrapping things up with the Reddit Lovers’ Power Pack: seven minisampler patterns that will only make sense to Reddit enthusiasts:


Reddit Power Pack 1 – ARE YOU FUCKING SORRY


Reddit Power Pack 2 – Test Post


Reddit Power Pack 3 – Cat Facts


Reddit Power Pack 4 – With Rice


Reddit Power Pack 5 – Loch Ness Monster


Reddit Power Pack 6 – It Went Okay


Reddit Power Pack 7 – Banana For Scale

Stitch and post for sweet karma.