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Steotch is a project of Emily and Matt Fitzpatrick from the Litchfield Hills in Northwest Connecticut – an area rife with traditional New England handcrafters, and dorky rap-quoting white people.  We are so happy to be two of them.

Emily is an unschooling, stay-at-home mom who first learned needlework from her grandmother at a very young age, but has recently been using cross stitch as a distraction from her battle with cancer.   She beat the cancer, so now she stitches for the lulz.

Matt is an education technology consultant who also spends a good deal of time farting around on the web.

Read our interview with CRAFT magazine.

To contact us, write to steotch at gmail dot com.

57 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. Niki Jones


    Loving your stuff – do you sell the charts at all?

    And any plans to do a Sad Keanu or Strutting Leo??

    Sending my good vibes and appreciation

    Niki x

    1. steotch

      Dear Niki-
      Thanks so much for reaching out, and for the well-wishes. We have been really excited by the popularity of the blog, and appreciate you taking the time to comment!

      As of right now, we do not have any charts available for sale. We have received many requests for some of the patterns, and we’re flattered that people would like to replicate our work. Currently, I am spending all the time I can designing and stitching new samplers, to keep the content as fresh as possible (if you cross stitch, you know how much time this requires!), but I am considering creating charts suitable for purchase at some point down the line, particularly if we continue to receive requests.

      And thanks for the recommendations for Sad Keanu and Strutting Leo; we’re always on the lookout for great concepts to add to our very lengthy list of samplers to make.

      More coming! Back to the stitching now.


      1. funkychick217

        I love your work! I cross-stitch and am always looking for something a little funky. I would love to buy a few of your charts when they are available. You could put together a book similar to “Subversive Cross Stitch.”
        Hope you are doing well!

  2. jennifer baum

    oh mymymy!

    it is so nice to know i’m not alone out here, designing and sewing original cross stich and embroidery for our modern world. i designed a sampler/ piece for my gay friends who are getting married. plus several little sayings for particular pals.

    i love what you guys are doing.

    you have of course seen ‘subversive cross stich’ by julie jackson?

    hope the reason for the sewing goes away and leaves you to sew in happiness and peace of mind.


  3. Julie Jackson

    Aw DAWGS, I’ve been scouring every little corner of the world to find out all I can about youse and was so excited to see this page and photo (woo!) and then I saw the word “cancer”. You know what I have to say about that. FUCK CANCER!

    Seriously bummed. But great, brilliant, inspired work usually comes from some crappy situation. I mean, look at rap music, can I get a whut whut?

    So I’m very sad to hear about that. But I truly feel that your mad skillz will kick the big “C” right square in the nads.

    Shine on, you crazy diamonds.

    I’m your Number One FAN!! (hope that doesn’t come across as creepy, what with the caps and over-punctuation, but you know how I do.)

  4. Caroline

    You can thank Julie for leading me here through Subversive’s FB page. Love your work! It’s absolutely fantastic and you will definitely have this customer if (when?!) you decide to do some charts.

    Best of luck to you!

  5. Stacy

    I am absolutely humbled by (collective) your work! I am so in love with everything that is posted <3 Seriously. Thank you for breathing modern life into something people think is a craft for grandmas!

    I, too, would love a chart or two (I'm looking at you Leprechaun) because it puts the one I've already charted for myself to shame.

  6. Summer

    I <3 your site many times over. I'm keeping Emily in my thoughts and prayers. Hope that isn't weird for you.

    Cancer is a horrendous thing and I hope you beat it and, like another poster said, have something incredible to show for it with your saucy samplers business.

    I don't cross stitch myself, but will be looking into your already-done samplers for a couple of off-center Christmas gifts.

    Love your spirit and your work. Both of you – keep on keepin' on!

    -silly designer in L.A.

  7. steotch

    thanks, silly. your note makes my day. and i hope you’ll come back and visit more- it’s been hard to stitch as much as i’ve wanted to this month, but we have so many more samplers in the works. there’s always more coming. 🙂

    keep it real, beotch!


  8. Jessica

    I’m not really sure how I stumbled across your website (I was searching for House memes) but I did and holy cow, it’s awesome. I’ve been cross stitching for almost 5 years now but I only ever buy the kits that come with pattern and thread, So mad propz (yes, props with a ‘z’) to you!

    On that note, you should totally make patterns available for purchase. They would sell like hot cakes. Delicious hot cakes with a moist rich center and maybe some – well, you get the point.

    Oh! And I know you probably get tons of people giving you requests or ideas, but you ought to do something on Pulp Fiction.

    Wishing you the best and that you’re feeling well,

  9. Glassock

    My brain was blown to pieces like many tiny shards of stained glass windows after Dirty Bomb explosion when I first stumbled upon your work through Helen Killer’s glowing compliments on Regretsy.com. When I get a job and stop spending the state’s money on booze and hookers, I am definitely coming back to your Etsy store and gobbling up some of your delicious cross-stitch. Also, I would like to request some World of Warcraft (preferably Horde…. screw Alliance… well, I don’t mind Worgen so much… anyhow… ). Thanks so much for all your hard work and determination!


  10. Lisa T

    Your stuff is just awesome! Almost enough to dig out my x-stitch and give the tired old eyes another go (almost)

    Happy new year, namaste bitches!

  11. MrsDrr

    I would also completely totally absolutely buy charts x1000000. Particularly a chart for the House sampler. OMFG the House sampler.

  12. Samantha

    Someone posted “Oh! And I know you probably get tons of people giving you requests or ideas, but you ought to do something on Pulp Fiction.”


    I too would partake in charts for creating my own fuckery.


  13. FeetyPajamas

    Holy blisters, Batman!

    I stumbled across you guys thru Regretsy. I’m in love. Srsly.

    I, too, would totally buy charts from you guys! Unfortunately, I’m way too poor to actually buy one or two of your pieces, but I’d dust off the old hoop to recreate them for myself! Now if only I could put down the crochet hook… I think its become embedded in my skin…

    Be excellent to each other!!

  14. Iguanatan

    Hi- LOVING your work…. Especially the House sampler and the Double Rainbow one. I really think an Antoine Dodson would be a good addition! 😀 Will keep my eye on your Etsy stuff, as i love a good covet, and perhaps if I am really good I may be able to demand a piece for my birthday. Tan.

  15. Andrea

    Hey- got to this through some Reddit love, and subversive- and cried a little when I saw that etsy was all sold out 🙁 Can’t wait to see more
    Learned to stitch when my aunt battled the “c” word a few years ago, we tried taking super high quality photos of her work and running them through a photo to stitch chart making website, and it worked pretty well!
    If you’re willing to try it out, I’m sure a lot of us would be uber excited to buy the charts or help out!

  16. Erinmc

    Oh please oh please oh please sell the charts.I would buy a ton of them. I love your work! I laughed my butt of last night when I found your site.
    And I will admit to a girl crush.
    I am sending you warm fuzzy thoughts to help with the battle vs the evil ‘c’.

  17. Anne

    I would really like to purchase the chart of the Bless this Hizzy fo shizzle. Any chance that you will have it for sale on ETSY?

  18. Rebecca

    I just wanted to let you know that I love your designs and I hope you beat cancer with a quickness. Keep being brilliant!

  19. Andrea

    Another person requesting patterns! Love the “Bros before Hoes” Sampler. I choked on my coffee when I saw that one.

    Best wishes and keep on rappin!

    Andrea- Columbus Ohio

  20. Pokey - Sioux Falls SD

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your samplers!!! I am going to buy one before I leave for Mexico!

    Keep fighting the good fight, I agree with whomever it was before me who said FUCK CANCER and I think that would make an awesome sampler, complete with some sort of ironic twist on the “breast cancer ribbon.” What do you think? (I know, I know, another suggestion for a sampler..)

    Thanks for making my day! 🙂
    my preciousssss…..

  21. Jessica

    I found your site through Thrillist today, and I am in LOVE with your work! I just bought my first home and I am daydreaming about creating your samplers and displaying them in my new house! I, also, would LOVE to be able to buy patterns for these samplers. LOVE LOVE LOVE what you’re doing, beotches! Keep up the fab work!

  22. Emma

    This is great! super entertaining!!! Cheered me up today!

    Is there any way you i could get a chart to recreate one of these?

    Good Luck.

  23. Patience

    I LOVE your site and think that you two are fantastic. Thanks for keeping the dream of all of cross-stiching weirdos alive. I, too, learned cross stitch from my grandma, who learned it from her mom. My great grandma was a total cross-stitch badass, but apparently kinda controlling and not very nice….so my grandma, tragically, just learned the basics and then one day in a fit of rage burned a bunch of her mom’s stuff?!?!? So there’s a little family history for you. Suffice it to say, she taught me the basics and then I found some of my great-grandma’s charts and books and taught myself more stuff than my grandma knew. Sorry to hear that you are battling cancer — I am sending excellent healthy kicking cancer’s ass vibes from here in Texas to you….the cross stitching will help….love to you and yours!

  24. Beth

    I think a Charlie Sheen quote sampler would be pretty damn fantastic, given his current downward spiral into insanity. I am not creative enough to come up with my own, but I am confident that you two would do a masterful job.

    I am proud to say that last week I completed “A Fair Young LAss”, and it is a crowd pleaser. I’ve just started “OH HAI” and I’m having a great time with it. Thank you for making these patterns available! To your other readers/stitchers: BUY A PATTERN. SO FUN.

    Lastly – Cuck Fancer, man. Hope you’re kicking the shit out of it.

  25. Julie

    Love your work! I kicked cancer’s ass ten years ago and am sending kick ass vibes your way too. Thank you for the laughs!

  26. Gracie

    I love your stuff.
    I was actually dinking around your Etsy after looking for some Cancer (horoscope) swag as a mother’s day present for my Libra mom who had cancer (disease) and thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world to have Cancer (horoscope) shit. She loves making people feel awkward.

    By which I mean, um, Emily’s in my prayers, and stuff, and I think y’all’s shit is friggin hilarious.

    And I vote that you put up more funny Serenity Prayer stuff. Or 12-step stuff. Cause that’s lulz.

  27. Melissa W

    Another voice for patterns! esp the House one!! My hubby would prob jizz in his pants if I could buy/make him that!

    I love your all stuff, it makes me all warm/fuzzy on my squishy insides!

    Hope you kick cancer’s ass! sending ass kicking vibes your way!


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  29. Sarah

    In the hopes this will encourage you to do so in the near future, I would love to get a pattern of your George Washington cross-stitch!

    Everything you make is amazing!

  30. Beatrice Bjerklin

    Please let me know if you start selling your patterns. Would really like your House cross stitch!

  31. Mary Rosales

    Ok, what a following! So I check ya out. Interesting work, really love the sharp cross stitch. Your unique approach is honest and embaressingly I need explaination. But no expainations are needed for I always am a bit lost. Frustration is something I am close too. Felt glad to read your big c battle is over. Will be looking at your work again. Mary Rosales

  32. chrysa

    I’ve been looking everywhere for x-stitch ideas that weren’t the typical flowers and birds! You inspire me! thank you and always have fun!

    ….and let us know when you put out patterns.

  33. Katherine

    You are brilliant! I’ve been wanting to make my own designs for awhile, and you are such an inspiration. Any advice on creating designs? Do you use software? If so, what kind?

  34. Lauren

    I’m looking for cross stitch directions or pattern for the quote.
    Lead. Follow.
    Or get the Hell out of the way.
    But, Do Something!

    Can you help me out?

  35. Jessy

    This is the greatest website in the history of ever. I am looking at your work trying to keep my laughter from waking my kids up. Srsly, you guys rock!

  36. Chana Siegel

    I *worship* you, Emily! Especially your Borg Serenity Prayer. My sister has promised me your “Bros before hos” pattern for my birthday.

    Between you, Julie, and stitching, my life is complete. I may be exaggerating, just a drop.


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