Freebie Stitcher’s Delight Pattern

Who wants the Stitcher’s Delight pattern?  If our inbox over the past few years is any indication, a lot of you.

Stitcher's Delight

Stitcher’s Delight

It’s a simple stitch, but it’s been to the very top of Reddit twice, been adapted and altered by other stitchers who disagree with our (authoritative) choice of “Hibby” over “Hippy” and other variants of the original lyrics, and remixed by designers in other media.

(Ever wondered where the original sampler colors came from?)

The pattern’s super simple – but if you want the download, here you go.

Stitcher's Delight

Stitcher’s Delight

Stitchers Delight Info Sheet

Stitchers Delight Pattern

Stitch it up, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instachatspace, Meowmeowbeenz, or whatever – just tell your admirers where you got hooked up.

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