Stitchalong Results!

stitchalongThe Inaugural Steotch Fine New England Needlearts Stitchalong has ended!  Patterns will remain posted through the month of July.  The final finished piece is below – so scroll with caution if you don’t want to see it yet.

If you stitched-along with us – send/tweet us a pic of you and your finished piece, hashtag #steotchalong, and we’ll add it below!

Thank you to everyone who participated, and everyone who chipped in.  Hundreds of you have grabbed all 8 patterns so far, so we expect to see lots of homebrewed samplers coming this way!

See below for the sampler…





Did you stitch it, too?  Send us a selfie!  Extra points for duckface, bathroom mirror, etc.

We’ll go first.

steotchalong selfie 1


Who else?


@Pflipples with a well-timed shot


@squishycar   Needs moar duckface.


@dusie  nice shower curtain

photo (4)

Maura Whitson, via email, refuses to duckface.


Erin Franklin – excellent duckface and topless dude in the reflection


Chelsea MacMullan-Hernandez, who was the first of our Facebook crew to guess the subject of the stitchalong.


Katy Constable in shades


Rebecca Borque via Facebook, who seems too young to have done this without some help.


Eileen Hinds via Facebook did it on 28-count Laguna aida


Alisandra Bennett, via email, customized the quote…


Here’s another new caption:


This one by Kristin Welker, via facebook.


AnaMarie left a word out so you can change it daily with a dry-erase marker on glass.

We’ll add more pics as they come in…

12 thoughts on “Stitchalong Results!

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  3. Joyce Maggard

    Great! I am so glad you had so many stitch along! I am surprised at how manageable the size of the piece is! And as always, your designs are AWESOME!

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