The Living

This lovely handmade baby record sampler will be the perfect accent for your home. Put it anywhere in the house. Just make sure it stays in the house. You hear me, sampler? That’s all you have to do, is stay put. Stay. In the house. DAMMIT CARL

The Living (blue)

The Living (pink)

Customizable Blue Pattern

Customizable Pink Pattern


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2 thoughts on “The Living

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  2. Andi Chrisman

    You should make them in gender neutral colors. Separating things into “boy = blue, girl = pink” is really a hot topic among a lot of parents. Though I’m only a quasi-stepmother (father’s girlfriend) to a child I only see once a month. She is a “tomboy” (according to her) so she doesn’t really like pink. But she’s really into gaming–she is her father’s daughter.


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