Bwessed Awwangement

Our dear friends are in wuv. Twu wuv. And this is for them.


Have fun storming the castle, you two.

Update, 10/28: Pattern available.

20 thoughts on “Bwessed Awwangement

  1. Sarah

    Please, please give a pattern!! I don’t even care if you leave out the personalization instructions…. I can figure that out on my own if need be.

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  3. Lizzie S

    My sister just sent me the link to your page and she wants this for her wedding! I told her I’d only make it if you sold/shared the pattern 🙂 Pretty please!

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  5. Michelle Anselment

    Storybook Love was my husband and I’s first dance at our wedding. We quote this movie on a daily basis. I would very much love a copy of this pattern. (As would most of these people that have commented above me!) This is absolutely great! <3

  6. Chris Anglin

    I will definitely buy it for my daughter cause there’s no way she will marry a guy that does not love Princess Bride!

  7. mo

    Fabulous. I would so buy the pattern for this one! My friends even had their officiant open their wedding with this princess bride monologue. LOVE!

  8. Ann

    I’m getting married Nov 11. Between Derek and I, we’ve got 4 copies (2 VCR tapes, 2 DVDs) of the movie and 2 copies (cassette and CD) of the soundtrack. Derek is working hard to convince our officiant to give this speech at our ceremony (I’m trying to get my brother the MC to do it).

    And I cross-stich.

    Please, please sell the pattern so I can make it for our first anniversary. (I wish there was a begging emoticon).

  9. Gloria

    My husband “tipped” the minister to say this in our wedding vows. We were mawwied April 1, 1996.
    I MUST HAVE this pattern!!!!!!

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  11. Christine

    Love it!

    You need to design a companion piece for 10, 25, 50th Anniversary.
    Instead of Buttercup/Westley you need Miracle Max and Valerie’s images
    and the quote “I’m not a witch, I’m your wife.”


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