A quick shout out to some of those who’ve been pimping this project:

Exquisitely executed and profoundly strange…  My favorite Etsy seller

———————   April Winchell, aka Helen Killer, Regretsy.com

I’m completely floored. It’s like having a super-mega-talented older sibling all of a sudden. Long-lost, separated at birth.

———————  Julie Jackson, SubversiveCrossStitch.com

AMAZING! If I tried to do that I’d be the first man to lose an eye cross stitching!

———————-  Zach Anner, Your OWN Show

Witty Craftsters

——————— Xeni Jardin, BoingBoing.net

Awesome internet wall hangings

——————— Huffington Post

Very impressive

——————— The Official Star Wars Blog

If I had the money, I would buy pretty much everything Steotch has ever made

———————- Paul and Storm

Pick one up for the kitchen AND the bathroom

———————- Thrillist


———————  Allie MacKay, KTLA

It’s clear that I need new friends because NONE of you told me about this.

———————  Aunt Becky, mommywantsvodka.com

We absolutely love them all!

——————— Craftastrophe

She always seems to put the right phrase with the right font and motifs to make some truly awesome pieces.”

———————– Mr. X-Stitch


And to all of you who’ve been tweeting, facebooking and emailing the links – THANK YOU!!!

One thought on “Pimps

  1. MrbiggieSmalls

    Is this public? If so, mad respect. If not, sorry about that thoughtless, punk-arse comment… Mad respect??? I don’t speak that way but then again, i also don’t download, print (on canvas), frame and give away cross-stitch masterpieces. Until now. I always give full credit and now my thanks. Mad thanks.


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