Steotchalong 2 ~ Results!

Steotchalong 2014 is in the books – an enormous, heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated, and kept up the chatter on the forums, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  We hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we enjoyed presiding – and look forward to more stupid events in the future.

Now, check out these samplers!


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Steotchalong 2014: Pattern 8 – Choose Your Own Adventure

Steotchalong Snoop

This is the discussion forum for Pattern 8 – stop by and discuss your options, and share your progress as you finish this sucker.

We’ll be posting again this week soliciting photos of your finished work.

If you haven’t already done so, you might consider tossing a coin in the tip jar, or visiting our Etsy shop for more fun.

five  ten  fifteen  twenty

(Paypal link will open in a new tab.) You may download Pattern 8 below.

and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for steotching along…

Steotchalong 2014 – Pattern 8  (PDF – 15 Pages)   Links to patterns removed!  Sorry beotch.

#Steotchalong 2014: Final In-Progress Round-Up

The ironic cross stitching world waits with bated breath for tomorrow’s final pattern.

Let’s check in with our little beotches on Twitter and Instagram to see who’s ready…

Sleep well, kiddies.

Tomorrow, we sew in hell.


Pattern 7 Eve: Where Things Stand

The white is o’er, the battle done.

Here’s some white white WIPS as we head into the final two stages of #Steotchalong 2014.


And then there’s the smug few who picked a darker aida, and have been laughing their asses of this whole time…

And then there’s just plain overconfidence…

See you tomorrow, little beotches.

Home stretch!