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Once you’ve been introduced to this lovely handmade sampler, you’ll settle for nothing less. Our needle has been darting in and out of the cotton, creating this beautiful piece. You may even want to break out some fresh linens to match this new decor. It may not smell like a bed of roses, but deep down, it’s very sweet.


Finished piece on Etsy

Tumblr mirror

Stitchalong Results!

stitchalongThe Inaugural Steotch Fine New England Needlearts Stitchalong has ended!  Patterns will remain posted through the month of July.  The final finished piece is below – so scroll with caution if you don’t want to see it yet.

If you stitched-along with us – send/tweet us a pic of you and your finished piece, hashtag #steotchalong, and we’ll add it below!

Thank you to everyone who participated, and everyone who chipped in.  Hundreds of you have grabbed all 8 patterns so far, so we expect to see lots of homebrewed samplers coming this way!

See below for the sampler…

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Steotch Inaugural Mystery Stitchalong – Closed 8/1

stitchalongAW YISS.  It’s that time, beotch!  Welcome to the Steotch Fine New England Needlearts Inaugural Mystery Stitchalong.

Edit: 8/1 – The Stitchalong has now closed, and as we warned, the patterns are no longer available. Follow our page on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to get notified when the next Stitchalong is underway.  Otherwise check back here.

What is it?

We posted a series of cross stitch patterns at this URL.  Each pattern revealed a little more of the design.  A bunch of crafty craftersons stitched along with us, and created badass samplers of their very own – but didn’t know what they’d created until they’d invested way too much time to allow themselves to see it as anything but a triumph!


They shared their progress using #steotchalong on Twitter.

To see the finished sampler (and pictures from many of the fine steotchers who came along for the ride), check out our results post.