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    Will you be stitching along? Who and where are you? Are you a beginning stitcher or a big shot? Got an Etsy to pimp? Let’s be friends.

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    I would say I am an intermediate stitcher. This is my first stitch along, and I am looking forward to it!

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    Hello, my fine needle-happy friends. My name is Sasha, I live in London and I will be stitching along. This is the second one for me. Tragically, the first was stolen by a former coworker.

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    princess moody

    Hey howdy hey! My name is Sara and I have a soft spot for mystery stitching. This will be my second Steotchalong, and I hope to hit the target dates this time around. But…probably not. I would say that I am intermediate, stitch-wise. Last year’s Steotchalong was the first time that I encountered 1/4 stitches, and I kind of hope to never see them again. Evil, but lovely!

    I haz Etsy, and it’s here:

    Not much, but slowly building to it 🙂

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    I’m Autumn, a hypnotherapist / author / college professor in South Florida. I’m an intermediate stitcher despite 30 years of practice. This is my first stitch-along and I’m super excited that I already own all the colors needed for this project. I like to stitch on the couch with old movies on the TV that I can listen to without watching.

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    Hey hey! You can call me Sedna; I’ve stitched on and off since I was in my teens, and I’d call myself an intermediate stitcher. This is my first stitch-along and I’m excited to give it a shot!

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    This will be my second Steotchalong and I love that we can all connect via forums. I live about an hour north of New Orleans and own a gift and craft boutique. I have been cross-stitching since I was 11 or 12. I also sew and crochet — I kind of have a fiber problem.

    I am on etsy and my shop has its own site.

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      Glad you’re here, Lisa! I crochet, too, but it’s taken a backseat to stitching for the past 5 years. You wouldn’t know it by looking at my yarn stash in the attic, tho. 🙂

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    I’m Dessah, from Georgia. This will be my first stitch along! I was only recently introduced to cross stitch (and this stitch along) by a friend who is always doing awesome crafts. 🙂

    Since I only have 1.5 projects under my belt, I consider myself to be whatever falls under newbie, cause I’m not sure I’ve even earned that title yet. Lol

    Excited to see how it goes!

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    Greetings and salutations. I’m Kathleen, and I played along last year too. I’ve only done a few projects, Mr. Jackson, some tiny chicken thing I got a a buck at savers, and a Eddie Murphy quote I started for my husband… (I’ll share that in the gallery whenever I get it done, it’s pretty danm nonsensical…)

    Bring on the dancing girls.

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    Dessah, you and I are together on this! I’ve stitched a few things, but only from kits, and I feel pretty much like a newbie, too. I’m stitching in Albuquerque, NM, and although this is my first Steotchalong, I did get to see the product of last year’s from a couple of friends who also live here (and are much more accomplished than I am). Cottagenest, I also have a fiber problem (I knit and crochet).

    Looking forward to stitching with y’all!

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      Yay! A fellow extra-newbie! I’ve since completed my last project to get ready for Sunday, so I have a whopping TWO projects under my belt!

      I’m really excited for the surprise of blindly stitching. 😛

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    Hello! This is my second stitchalong, but I’m still not done with the first one yet 🙁 Although you guys starting up the new one is definitely getting my rear in gear. I’ve been sick this weekend, and spent pretty much the whole time on the couch trying to get it completed. I had left it at week 4, and now I’m just beginning the outlining work on week 7… at least 16 solid hours of stitching later. I was a raw beginner going into last year’s project, and holy heck it’s been rough! Based on the color selection this year, I’m guessing this pattern will be easier, and definitely easier to work on in low light! No trying to differentiate 12 different colors of brown.

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      I have the same “low light” problem. I got a clip on light from joann’s for $10 (with a 50% off coupon) and I clip it to my shirt. Its not hot like a lamp and it gives off a “daylight” clear light. Really helped a lot. 🙂

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    Hello, I’m Miranda, librarian/cat lady/stitcher from small town Illinois. I’ve been stitching for a couple of years. This is my first steotchalong and I’m really looking forward to it!

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    Hullo, Danielle here! I’m in Colorado, and ready to get my ass kicked with this steotchalong. I stitched as a kid, but let my needles skills fall into ruin; I’ll declare myself a beginner. But I’m excited for this! Let’s doo iitt!

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    Hey there! I did last year’s stitch along and managed to stay on schedule but that was before we moved and had a baby. Here’s hoping I find time to get my supplies ready for start day *fingers crossed*. I’m relatively new to cross-stitch but I used to do petit point with my mom as a kid so it’s almost the same. I also knit and make scrapbook style cards. You know…when I have time.

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    I’m from Pittsburgh and I’m an old pro in the sense that I’ve completed many samplers and a n00b in the sense that I haven’t really gained much skill in the process. I was a Steotchalong 1 dropout, but someday, I’m going to finish it… someday…

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    I’ve been stitching since I was 8, but do a lot of other fiber craft as well, so I would say I’m at the low end of advanced? I hope to stitch along, but also my due date falls squarely in the middle of the stitch along! So I figured on getting half way. I loved the stitch along last year, despite buying some off brand floss that wasn’t the right color!

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    Hi! My name’s Amy, I live in Vermont. I finished last year’s pattern and am looking forward to a more relaxing Steotchalong this year 🙂

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    I’m Kim from Chicago. I’d say I’m advanced. I’ve been stitching for probably over half my life and I’m excited to start the Steochalong.

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    I’m Laura, small town girl living in the big city of Dallas. I’m a fair weather stitcher and do so when the mood strikes…which is often, but sometimes leaves me with unfinished projects. I do have several finished projects under my belt, but none that involve much more than backstitching. I was one of the wimps who gave up during the last mystery stitch along…1/2 stitches, 1/4 stitches…no thanks! 🙂 I’m also a product of peer pressure as my best friend, Caroline, is an expert stitcher. Autumn, we’ll probably be getting together on our couches watching old movies that don’t require us to actually watch, too!

    One stitch at a time, we’re all in this together! Looking forward to it.

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    This will be my first stitch-along. I was going to try last year and had too much going on so I didn’t get to be a part. I am an intermediate stitcher. I like to mix and match patterns to make my own spin on things and personalize my creations. I can’t wait for this stitch-along to start! I have a project in the works but am finding it hard to stay motivated for some reason. Hoping this spurs me to finish it up while stitching along!

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    Where the men at?

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    I am Ashley from Missouri, I am an experienced beginner I guess. I learned how to stitch as a child but only recently started again. This is my first Steotch-along and I am looking forward to it.

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    Hi! I’m Valerie from Myrtle Beach, SC. I did last years stitch but I’m still not great. My instagram is youlookfat. Some of us follow each other for stitching updates

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      Wooooooooooohooooooooo! Look it’s me!! I don’t know what magic you all worked betewen the comments and fiddling about but I can see and read and the computer hasn’t crashed – YAY!Thanks for listening Chooky and I shall go back now and read what I missed :-)(hahahaha word verification is ‘maxed’)

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    Gentle Stitchers!
    I’m so happy to see each and every one of you! Lots of familiar faces and some new ones, too. I hope you all have a good time with this- yes, it’ll be easier and less involved than last year’s. We hope you all have fun with it, n00bs and stitching ninjas alike.

    I love seeing where everyone is from and reading your intros. Welcome, beotches!

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    Mama Dragon

    Very excited to join you all – this is my first Steotchalong. Been stitching since I was 10, so almost 30 years now!

    Thanks for putting this together, I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

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    Hi, I’m a quilting mama from the Mile High City. I’ve been stitching on and off for a long time, but I’ve never completed anything. Stitchalongs are new to me, and I’ll try to keep up despite my broken wrist. Maybe my hubs can help, he stitches too sometimes. I’m glad this is an “at your own pace” project!

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    I’m Jody from Minneapolis. I’m a super-stitcher. Follow me on Instagram @judgejody and Twitter @pflipples to see some of the projects I’ve worked on.

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    I’m Sarah from Pittsburgh. I’ve been stitching on and off most of my life (so around 15-20 years) and this is my first stitch-along (bummed that I missed the first). I work at a living history museum in the summer (where it would be totally historically accurate to be stitching while I work) and I work on graphic design for the magazine my husband publishes. We are both very excited for another stitch-along.

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    Super excited to be joining tbe Steotchalong for the first time. I was super disappointed to find out about the first round months after it happened. I would guess I’m intermediate level stitcher. I’ve stitched several of Steotch’s patterns before because they are amazing. My favorite was America Supreme, which I gifted to my younger brother who happens to be in the Air Force. It hangs proudly in his kitchen among the empty beer bottles and other assorted detritus of his bachelor pad.

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    I’m in!! This is my second year. I’m in Albuquerque, but moving to Missouri in August. I guess I’m an advanced stitcher. My work has won ribbons at the state fair. I’ve been stitching in some form since I was around 8 years old.

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    Heather Marie

    My name is Heather, I live in Massachusetts, and I have been addicted to starting and hardly ever finishing cross stitch projects for more than 10 years.

    I started the last mystery stitchalong! I love having the half finished face of Samuel L Jackson to keep my other half finished projects company.

    I am totally gonna finish this one!!! I swear!!!

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    hello steotchers! i’m cate, i’m from fargo, nd, and i’m a hella-boss knitter, but a n00b stitcher. i think i did three clues of last year’s steotchalong before i realized i had counted wrong and my project was effed, but i hope to restart it at some point, and i’m hoping this one i can keep up with! you can follow me on twitter and instagram @birdgehrl if you’re interested.

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    I’m Kate from the NH seacoast. I’ve been dabbling in cross-stitch for years, and I’ve been Steotchalong-ing from the very beginning (last year).

    I can’t wait to start! Please feel to follow me on Twitter! (I’ll accept your request & add you back!)

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      I’m in the seacoast NH too Kate! I can’t find your Twitter handle on this post…

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    Another Vermont girl checking in! I did the last stitchalong and it was awesome, I just hope to keep up this time. I’m a pretty good stitcher and am looking forward to this one!

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    I’m Liz from Nova Scotia. I’m a health professional by day and a stitcher by night. I’ve got a weakness for vulgar hip hop lyrics on traditional motifs. I’m a fairly experienced stitcher, but have a tough time with french knots. This will be my second time participating in a mystery steotchalong. I had a blast last year, and, at the risk of sounding like I have no social life, was always raring to get started on the next pattern. Looking forward to experiencing this steotchalong with other stitching enthusiasts!

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      Stringer Belle is just a top-shelf handle. That’s good. That’s like a 60-degree day.

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    I’m Mandy from Ohio. I live in a little teeny town that doesn’t have a craft store.. so here’s what I’ll say.. I’m on for the Steotchalong.. I may not use those exact colors, but I’ll do my best with what I’ve got!

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      Unlike last year, the color hues don’t have to be exact- go with your gut, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the result. (You’ll want black and white, though)

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    Valerie N

    I am going to try it. Valerie from Santa Cruz.

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    I’m Caroline from Dallas and according to what my bff Laura said above, I’m an expert! (I try so hard to stay humble.) Last year was my very first stitchalong and I was immediately addicted. Can’t wait to get started on this one!

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    Ana from Indiana over here. I did last year’s and stayed on target. I’d say I’m a precocious intermediate stitcher who will spend far more time to stay on schedule than I should given my other obligations. I’ve got the threads, I’ve got the fabric, all I need is the pattern!

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    I’m Katie! I’m from Indiana. This is my first steotchalong and I’m super stoked to participate!

    I consider my stitching to be ….

    I’ve got an etsy:

    and a facebook page:

    I might be good at stitching.. but I’m no good at creating hyperlinks to my site. EEK! 🙂

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    Hi all,

    I’m Heather, from Melbourne, Australia. I’m a uni student/crazy cat lady. I’m an intermediate level stitcher, but I’m better at starting projects than I am at finishing them. This is my first stitch along.

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    Hi all 🙂 I’m Jessica from northern New Jersey. Pretty sure I’m still considered a beginner. Quarter and three quarter stitches aren’t friends of mine. This will be my first Steotchalong! I’m very excited 😀 I first started stitching a few years ago but was too intimidated to try any sort of stitch along but instantly regretted it after I saw yours was pulp fiction!! Found you guys through Regretsy and have been addicted ever since.

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    I went to my neighborhood craft store this evening to buy the threads for the steotchalong and the lady checking me out asked me why so many people were buying the same ones. I confirmed that she meant the same 6 colors I had purchased, she said yes. Dallas peeps, where are you?! And when can we have a steotchalong party?! Let’s get together, yeah, yeah, yeah!

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      I know we mentioned this on FB, but it still blows my mind. So cool. Dallas, you guys rock- I’m so happy you’re here!

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    Hello Steotch! I am Megan from Minneapolis, veterinarian by day and crafter by night, and this will be my second Steotchalong. I would consider myself an intermediate stitcher, as I’ve gotten ribbons at the state fair, but they always criticize my stitch tension (lame). I kept up with the last Steotchalong but now I have a bitty baby to take care of too… Looking forward to this round of mystery stitching!

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    Pete Seazle

    Hi, I’m Pete Seazle from Seattle. I’ve been stitching for about 3 years now. I just stumbled upon this steotchalong thing of yours and am quite intrigued! What an awesome idea! I’ll be sure to check back in on Sunday for the first pattern.

    Check out my store at!

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    Rebecca B

    I will be constantly behind and always late to post but I will be steotching along!

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    Hi! This is my first steotchalong. I’m excited, but I haven’t picked a fabric color yet, what is everyone else choosing?

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      I decided on 16 count khaki aida. Fingers crossed it’ll look good!

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    I’m Jackie from Arizona.

    I’ve been stitching on and off since I was 10. My grandmother taught me so I’d have something to do as a sickly kid in and out of hospitals.

    Okay, sob story over. I’m a contented intermediate. My backs are never as pretty as my fronts so I just frame ’em and hope nobody opens it up to see the dirty truth.

    I started the first one, but then my job went crazy and I was working nutty hours so I never finished it. I a cautiously optimistic that work will play nice so I can finish this.

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    I am from Richmond Va. Me and my friend are going to do it!

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    I’m Emma, stitching away in Melbourne, Australia. First stitchalong and quite excited at this point. Off to buy supplies today. Boyfriend is rolling his eyes already but this is going to be fab!

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      I think there are definitely a few Melburnians stitching along. I had to go to 2 different craft stores to gather supplies and even then I got the last skein of red thread. Good luck finding everything Emma.=]

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        Hey heather, yeah I went to two places yesterday and only have two threads and some Aida haha. Going to try another today or just resort to the stash of threads I already have and hope for the best 🙂

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    I’m here! Been cross stitching for a long time but I’m still not great with French knot. This is my second stitchalong. I will try to keep up this time!

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    Hi dudes, I’m Megan. I’m also a Melbournian.

    I have yet to finish a cross stitch project. I’ve started a few, though. So I think I’ll be okay with this one. I think you have to actually finish something before you graduate past beginner.

    I too have a knitting, crochet and general fibre-y problem.

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    Will you be stitching along? Who and where are you? Are you a beginning stitcher or a big shot? Got an Etsy to pimp? Let’s be friends.
    I will be stitching alone (virgin run). Live in Chicago, perhaps a baby step above beginner. My nickname is Chappy (real name Stephen). No regretsy to pimp …. maybe one day.

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    I’m Lori from Connecticut, and this is my first stitchalong. I’ve been stitching off and on for many a year and have a couple of blue ribbons to my credit, although that may say more about the lack of participation in the local fairs than my stitching skills. I’ve completed several Steotch patterns and have Colonial Brick Home framed and hanging in my kitchen. It never fails to put a grin on my face.

    By day I’m a nursing home employee. By night I’m a volunteer EMT. I often work on my stitching while on ambulance duty, and the most common response by my colleagues to Steotch pieces generally goes like this: “What the hell are you making now…oh, MAN, that is AWESOME!”

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      Hi again, Lori! It’s awesome to see folks all around the globe stitching with us, but I also have a soft spot for friends in our own backyard. Cheers!

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    Hi Everyone!

    I’m Vicky. Stitching for about 2 years now and I like to think I’m getting better. Living in Orlando, Florida. Yes, it’s hot. No, I don’t go to Disney everyday. 🙂 Excited and scared and ready to go!

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    Chelsea MacHer

    Since the first stitchalong looked a lot like my dog Sweet Dee, who happens to be SLJ’s doggelganger, my other guy George Michael is hoping for something that reflects his good looks. He looks like a meerkat.

    Super excited to get started. I’m kind of a super fan.

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    Tom Servo

    Erica from DC! First stitch along and I can’t wait!

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    faith from Cleveland! I’ve only done a handful of stitching projects, but I’ve loved them all. I’m also a knitter. I did join the first stitchalong but haven’t finished it yet. Hopefully this new one will be just the thing to kick me in the butt and finish the first one!

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    Lynda H

    I can’t wait to play along! I missed the last one and then watched in envy and despair.

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    Robyn G

    I’m in Baton Rouge, LA. I would say I’m an intermediate cross stitcher. I’m a multi – discipline crafter. I sew, crochet, knit, soap, and home DIY. I’m excited for the stitchalong!

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    Hi! I’m Julia from Tennessee, and I’ve stitched since I was a little girl. I love geeky and snarky patterns. I just finished stitching Steotch’s “Stitcher’s Delight.” Other recent projects I finished are Ten com Doctor Who, and the Cosmic Cutie from Douglas Adam’s “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” which I gave to Michael Nesmith of The Monkees, because he and Douglas were dear pals. 🙂

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    Hey, all. I’m super excited for this stitchalong. I consider myself to be an intermediate stitcher.

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    Hi this is my first steotchalong I’m from Illinois and am a total newbie . Have ordered some of your patterns from etsy and gave finished product out as christmas gifts.(I was the winner of the best gifts ever award) thank you for this awesome idea and reason to stay up late and catch up on dvr!! Will be donating this and finished rappers delight (thank you) as a raffle prize at fundraiser for my uncle it will be filled with police officers, firefighters and football players so the more inappropriate the better! Bring on Sunday! Ps where do we pay for this on your etsy? Jdiddy

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      We’ll post links to make a payment here with the patterns. Thanks!

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    Hi guys! I’m Jessica. I’m from San Fiego, Califronia and I’ve been stitching since I was but a wee little lass. I’m looking forward to making this project my beotch 😀

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    So I guess I’m going to try this. I just finished my Father’s Day projects and am lost for what to do next and this seems fun.

    I’m not sure what my level of experience really is. I stitch a lot but most of it simple sort of stuff. I do a lot of Blackwork embroidery and I make a lot of my own patterns for other stuff. I’ve never done one of those elaborate kits that are nothing but 8×10 of pure stitches in a million different shades of thread (I work at a craft store so I always see these and ponder on the fact that it would take me 27 years to do because I have no attention span).

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      Hi Tony, Yes indeed it is bieutaful and the people are just as bieutaful. They are a subsistence culture but proud of their lot and always so happy and friendly. They do daily sing sings for us and they train all year in readiness for the True North visits! Cheers, Mark

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    Jessica T.

    Hi! I’m Jessica from Albuquerque, NM, and am super excited to be part of the 2nd steotchalong since I also participated in last year’s project. I’ve been a lifelong cross-stitcher and am an award-winning stitcher at County and state fairs. I’m bringing my mom into this year’s project as well, and she can’t wait to start. We’ve been trying to guess what the piece might be but only time will tell. Thanks for doing this stitch-along again!

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    Krissi Sandvik

    Hi all! My name is Krissi and I am a painter and mixed media artist who started off 10 years ago as an art quilter. I haven’t done any hand needlework since my teens in the 80s, and this got me interested again. I’ve been cross stitching this week in preparation (just finishing the Subversive “Don’t Be A Dick” Wil Wheaton quote pattern.

    LET’S GO!

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    Kat S.

    Hi! I’m Kat from Texas (Houston to get all specific-like) and this is my second Steotchalong, although my first is languishing after I fell behind. I’m an “anything that involves pointy objects or making a mess” crafter and an intermediate stitcher, though I’ve been embroidering/cross-stitching/sewing since I was knee-high to a honey badger. I was going to resist this, but I already have half the supplies and I need a new project. Whee!

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    Suzann from WA, here — I’m so excited to start stitching! My experience with cross-stitch has been mostly cute & easy little projects that I’ve given as gifts over the years, so I’m loving the idea of doing a fun, snarky project all for MEEEE. 🙂

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    I’m an intermediate stitcher and a huge fan of your work. So excited to be a part of this stitch along!

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    Count me in! I’m Amanda, stitching in Austin, Tejas. Where are all the Austin peeps at??
    I attempted the first Steotch-along, then got flustered and confused. Now a partially finished SMJ stares at me in my WIP box. This time, I’m in it to win it!
    Happy stitchin’ y’all.

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      You can no more win the Steotchalong than you can win an earthquake.

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      Amanda, I know for a fact that we sell more patterns in Austin than any other city in the world, so you are definitely not alone there. Something about that city- y’all are freaks, and we love you to pieces.

      • #1348 Reply

        you’re definitely right about the freak part! <3

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    Howdy all! My name is Shelby! I’m originally from TN, but living in Florida now! This will be my first Steotchalong, but I followed the last one. I can’t wait to kick this pig! :3

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    Melissa from Connecticut. Been stitching off and on for 20+ years Usually I can be found knitting or crocheting.

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    Hi, I’m Sarah in the seacoast NH area. I would guess I’m intermediate. I can do 1/4 and 3/4 stitches and french knots without breaking a sweat. The back looks as nice as the front. However I’ve never tried a pattern that had more than 3 or 4 shades of the same color, and I usually stick to 5 x 7 type stuff. And I have no idea where these fair things are that people are winning ribbons at.

    I am a low producer and average one project a year. It’s been two years since the last though, which was a Bwessed Awwangement in May 2012, so it’s time! I actually hadn’t planned on doing this, but decided on the spot yesterday that I was all in. I’m getting my cousin to do it with me too.

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      Hi Sarah from NH! I’m from the seacoast! If you’d like to follow me on twitter, I’m @dusie!

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    Alright loves, I’m Claire from Manchester in the UK. I’m a decent enough stitcher,I’ve completed Noam Sweet Noam and The Walking Dead baby sampler. I usually stitch up my own designs but they ain’t half as good as Steotch’s. I can’t figure out how to blend a decent colour of my own. I’m too bloody lazy . I started last year’s, but never finished when I got left behind a couple of weeks due to work. Not this year though!
    I like swearing, stitching and combining the two

  • #1346 Reply


    Hello! I’m Neff, from Berkshire in the UK. I am NOT a stitcher. Like, I got a really simple pattern and did half of it before realising I’d bled all over the canvas and giving up. My girlfriend is always stitching, and whilst she’s working on a design from a painting which will take her six years if she does an hour every day, I thought I’d join in with this.

    Current project is a Night Vale design, but it’s not really mine as I’m just filling in the background, my girl did the counting and the hard stuff! I’m also knitting a Gryffindor scarf, poorly, and it has so far taken nearly a year to get to 14/19 stripes. I have the artistic/crafty talents of a half-dead mollusc, so I can forsee this being a lot of swearing, but I’m really excited to try something new – and I get good girlfriend points for it, so it’s totally going to be worth it.

  • #1352 Reply


    Heather from Edinburgh, Scotland by way of New York. Looking forward to this, I’ve now got my supplies in hand!

  • #1353 Reply


    Hey y’all! Leslie here (@lesliedotcom on the Twitter) I’m excited to join– not usually a joiner, haha! I’ve been knitting as of late but used to do needlework and cross stitch as a kid. Can’t wait to get started!

  • #1354 Reply

    Lindsay O

    Hi! I’m Lindsay, and I live 15 minutes from Times Square in New York City. Tourists make me want to scream, so I’ve been spending a lot of time cross stitching lately 🙂 I’m kind of a Steotch pattern hoarder, and even though I’ve bought a gazillion of them I’ve only finished 5 (A Traditional Prayer, Sweet School Skills, The Imposter, Gift of the Magi, and Mawwiage).

    I didn’t do the last Stitchalong, which is good because I didn’t get the topic once I saw the finished piece (sorry!), but I’m working on this huge Thomas Kinkade Disney piece now and there are so many trees and flowery things that I figured I needed to take a break for some fuckery. And Steotch always delivers!

  • #1355 Reply


    Holla! I’m a beginner I suppose. This is my first steotchalong and I’ll be stitching from western mass. I’m hoping my ADD doesn’t get the best of me and that I actually finish!

  • #1358 Reply


    Hi, I’m Megan from Missouri. I’ll say it–I’m the greatest stitcher of all time! At least according to my sister, who receives about 5 snarky or inappropriate samplers per year from me, many of them from Steotch–Family Love, America Supreme, Mawwiage, and of course last year’s Steotchalong masterpiece, which she chose to hang above her toilet, so “men can admire it while they pee.” Working on that portrait of Mr. Jackson and trying to guess what in the world it could be was the most fun I’ve ever had stitching, and I ALWAYS have a ball, so that’s saying something. I’ve been waiting all year for another Steotchalong and boy am I antsy. Let’s do this!

  • #1363 Reply


    Hi – Ali from Missouri, year 2 participant. Glad to be back 🙂

  • #1370 Reply


    Hey all! I’m McKenzie. This is my first stitchalong and I’ll be working on this from just south of Seattle, WA. I’m super excited! I’m an intermediate stitcher who started stitching as a kid. I kept it mostly to holiday craft kits until I discovered Steotch. Now I search Esty regularly for new patters from y’all and other crafty people. (Please make the MST3K piece into a pattern – pretty please!) 🙂

  • #1388 Reply


    I’m Megan from Maryland and this is my first Steotchalong, though I’ve done two of your patterns – okay I’ve started two of your patterns. I consider myself an intermediate stitcher, though I do more embroidery than cross stitch. And personally I love french knots like a fat woman such as myself loves cake.

  • #1390 Reply

    Julie S

    I think I found all the colors in stash so I’m in!

  • #1402 Reply

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Rob, and I am usually a knitter, but, I do stray and cross stitch sometimes.

    My goal in this project is to get my mother cross stitching again. She did it quite a bit when I was younger, and is quite good. In recent years, she has fallen off the wagon. I am harassing her on Facebook until she gives in and joins.

    • #15831 Reply


      hey teresathanks for the video..its great very clear! i am a beingner, knew nothing but the chains when i? tried making this cap, took a little bit of trying and retrying but i got the hat perfectly..only problem is its too small! n i have a pretty large head, cud u explain how to make it larger? i used a 5.5 hook and normal wool ( donno what size, but looks thinner than yours). I really wanna make one my size, please help .thanks

    • #17590 Reply


      I do that gathering sctith around the circles too. I use a plastic circle template, gather around edge, pull up gathers around the circle and then steam set with the plastic circle still inside. When you take out the plastic circle before appliqueing the fabric remembers the circle and goes right into shape.Laura

    • #87156 Reply


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  • #1407 Reply


    I’m Jess from MA. This is my second (well third if you count my other WIP) since I was a kid. This is my first stitch along.

  • #1409 Reply


    I’m Rachael from Southern Indiana. I started cross stitching when I was about 8 while my grandmother was in the hospital. She taught me everything I ever could have wanted to know about needle point, crochet, and cross stitch. I would say that I’m an intermediate stitcher, but this is my first stitch along. I’m very excited to get going! 🙂

  • #1422 Reply


    i was intrigued by this steothalong idea, and at the last minute i decided to commit.
    i haven’t cross stiched in years, so forgive me if my results will be a “work in progress”.
    here i am. ready to go.

  • #1423 Reply


    i am intrigued by this steotchalong, and decided to commit at the last minute.
    i have not corss stitched in years, so forgive me if my results are a “work in progress”.
    here i am. ready to go!

  • #1426 Reply

    Abby Fiscus

    Hello all! I’ve been stitch off and on for many years. I missed out on last year’s event. I am NOT missing this one!

    I can’t wait to see what awful joke we turn out.

    Happy stitching!

    Clear skies,

  • #1428 Reply


    Natalie from Indiana joining in. I started stitching in Jr. High Home Ec and I’m now getting back into it after taking a few years off to try other things like crochet and knitting. This will be my first Steotch project and I can’t wait to see what happens.

  • #1429 Reply


    Natalie from Indiana joining in. I’ve been stitching since Jr. High Home Ec, but haven’t done much these last few years. This will be my first Steotch project, and I’m dying of curiosity to see how it turns out.

  • #1439 Reply
    Kara Martin

    Hey, hey!!

    I’m Kara from the Washington DC area & I consider myself to be an above average stitcher. Got me an inappropriate shop over at the Etsy & love all things hilarious & irreverent!I’m shaming the family name one finished project at a time! I am Looking SO forward to stitching along with everyone!

  • #1451 Reply


    Hi all!

    Just found out about the steotchalong and am super excited to be joining in!
    I am a teacher in Singapore so I have plenty of time to get stitching now I am on summer break 🙂

    I have a little etsy shop which I am working on –

    Let’s get stitching 🙂

  • #1452 Reply

    Heyas! Someone on Reddit posted this steotchalong so I came to check it out. I am very intrigued! I’m doing a couple of big, for me, stitchy things for SpriteStitch during this month as well so I don’t know if I’ll hit the dates but here’s to hoping! Let the mystery Stitching begin!

  • #1461 Reply


    I am very new to cross-stitch, as in I have completed my first 2 in the last month. I found this site and this looks like a lot of fun so this will be my first steotch-along. Looking forward to it.

  • #1478 Reply


    Dude joining in here. I’ll be using 18 Aida, because its what I have available. It should fit in a 4×6 at the end mathematically. Good times all around

  • #1479 Reply


    Dude joining in here, Aaron in Cleveland. I’ll be using 18 Aida, because its what I have available. Mathematically, it should fit in a 4×6. Good times all around.

  • #1482 Reply


    Hi, I’m Amy from Charlotte NC. While I’m a veteran cross stitcher, I’m a rookie at actually finishing these things (unless they involve profanity) I knit, croxhet , spin, dye, basically anything crafty. Glitter is my favorite color.

  • #1495 Reply

    Summer Plum

    I actually just learned about this yesterday! And have been wanting to do a stitch-a-long but couldn’t afford many others. Excited to be able to participate in this one thanks to a friends suggestion! Happy it’s a more… grown up stitch-a-long too. 🙂

    I’ll be sharing my progress on twitter & Instagram at @summerplum.

    Starting mine now! 🙂

  • #1523 Reply


    Hello friends! I hail from the great plains of Oklahoma. I am a wee beginner when it comes to stitching but am very excited to take part in this years Steotchalong. Hope I can make you proud!

  • #1538 Reply

    Hello! I’m Liz from Seattle and this is my first mystery stitch. I’ve been doing needlework since I was about seven and I couldn’t be more elated to find this site!

  • #1539 Reply


    Hey, I’m Jennifer!

    Although I participated in the last steotchalong, I didn’t finish because I hit a spot of stupid and used two threads for the backstitching on the lips. Let’s just say his mouth isn’t giving up the extra tread very easily. It sits in my pile of unfinished projects, in the corner of shame.

    I hereby resolve to pay more attention this time!


    Having these forums to connect with is pretty awesome!

  • #1566 Reply


    Aight. I’m in! This is my first steotchalong but not even close to my first stitching. I’m looking forward to seeing the design unfold! I live in Norfolk UK and I do have an etsy shop… it can be found here… Crown Street Cottage


  • #1613 Reply

    Becki Moore

    This is my first Steochalong (or however you spell it). I’m a week late but that’s okay. I am really looking forward to this. Thanks for going easy on us.

  • #1627 Reply

    Hickerson here, checking in late, although I’m almost done with Pattern 2. There are so many people from east of the Continental Divide! I’m from not-Portland, Oregon and this is my first Steotchalong.

    By day I’m a boring accountant. By night I’m an advanced beginner stitcher (French knots can kindly go jump off a bridge). I’ve done Steotch’s Mawwiage, Cheezburger, and assorted meme ornaments as well as patterns from other snarky Etsy shops. I also dabble in crochet.

  • #15270 Reply


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  • #48687 Reply


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  • #1212 Reply


    Hello, stitchalong gang, I’m Corinne from Maryland. I’ve been stitching since I was a kid, and have completed two Steotches: America Supreme and Bwessed Awwaingement. (Both were a blast!) I didn’t participate in the first stitchalong, so I’m very excited about doing this one!

  • #1371 Reply

    Hey Steotchalong Peeps. I’m Maura from Illinois. Started stitching when I was in my teens, and my mom has always marveled that I am able to do *counted* cross stitch (she only ever attempted stamped, and that never turned out well). Anywho, I did the Steotchalong last year and miraculously kept up, even with an 8-month old at home. This year he’s 20 months, so we’ll see how that goes. I suspect he’s probably going to flush this one at some point. My saving grace is that I’m a teacher, so I have actual time this summer to do the Steotchalong, hopefully when he’s asleep 🙂 Can’t wait to get started!!! And P.S.–I loathe french knots. Loathe!

  • #1415 Reply


    Oh my, this certainly is a lot of Steotchalongers. I came in too late for the first one, but once I saw the result, I wanted to be a part of whatever came next.

    Hi, I’m Shannon from Chicago. I cross-stitched when I was a wee babe, lost the art, then picked it back up again a few years ago. Why? So I could render my favorite Final Fantasy IV characters in thread. Since then I’ve made several MST3k- and Doctor Who-related patterns, and sold both the patterns and finished products on Etsy. I also knit, crochet, draw and play games.

    My Etsy:
    My Twitter handle: @frostyplum

    Release the hounds! 😀

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