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    I just discovered your glorious website. Oh my god. Stitching? Hip Hop? Two of my favorite things!! I laughed out loud when I saw the Christmas ornament that says “Go Shorty, It’s your birthday” and I would lovvvve to make this myself. Not to sell. Just for my own personal giggles on the Christmas tree. I combed your etsy site and didn’t see this pattern for sale. Can you teach me your ways? I would be more than happy to pay you for your pattern. Thank you!!

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    Hey Anna- we pull those ornament and other holiday patterns from our Etsy in January (or February if we get really forgetful- hah!), so that we can roll them out in November, all festive-like. I’m happy to sell you the pattern now, though- drop us an email here or a convo over on Etsy, and we’ll hook you up.

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