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    Discuss your options, and share your progress as you finish this sucker. What will you do with your finished piece?

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    I’m thinking F or H. I could do G and give it to a Peanuts fan, but where’s the fun in that? I definitely won’t be doing any French knots. I’ve watched YouTube tutorials and I’ve only succeeded in making my husband laugh when he hears me loudly swearing when the little bastards don’t turn out right.

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    Oh my God!! I most definitely didn’t see that coming!!! ROFL!!!!!! But at least now I know exactly who will be gifted with the finished piece!!! LOVE IT!!

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    It always makes me proud when a customer tells me, “This is gonna look great in my bathroom!” Everyone goes into the bathroom at some point, so it’s like the greatest compliment, ever. Who doesn’t love to look up from the toilet & get a good laugh? With that said, this finished piece is going to go in my motherfuckin’ bathroom for all to see!

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    Confession: I don’t really know much about Snoop Dogg — I’m a Gil Scott-Heron gal — so on the hunch that this would turn out to be a Snoop Dogg thing (er, thang), I asked a friend of mine about him. My friend immediately busted out with a rap that went on for an impressive length of time. So methinks the finished piece will be going to him…once I can stop laughing over the patterns long enough to choose one. Me also thinks I might have to learn a new skill and frame this one myself rather than ask the nice older ladies at the needlework shop to frame a piece with the word “motherfucker” in it (though they did seem to get a kick out of “Noam Sweet Noam”).

    This has been a blast!

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    I’m going for “it’s kind of hard being Snoop” I think.. I was suspecting it might be D O Double G related 🙂

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    Almost but not quite caught up- but when I am I’m going to do pattern 8b.

    I believe this link is relevant to our interests:

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    Pattern 8 isn’t showing up for me to click. Am I too late to get it two days later? 🙁

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      Weird! Are you clicking on the text that says: Steotchalong 2014 – Pattern 8?

      The patterns are still there- we won’t take them down for a few weeks.
      Here’s another link to it that should work (HERE), but I’d really like to know if you’re able to access it on our main page.

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    Loved the steotchalong! I followed another stitcher’s lead and combined patterns 8f and 8g. Not sure where I’m going to display this yet, but I’m thinking on the bookshelf next to my Peanuts pez dispensers (yeah I’m a huge geek).

    Snoop Dogg

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    Yes, I have been able to get all the other ones but pattern 8 is greyed out for me.

    Here is a side by side of what I mean.

    From the main page

    The one on the left shows my mouse over pattern 7 and the change in color. The one on the right shows all the black links that work and pattern 8 in grey. When I mouse over it I get a cursor instead of an arrow.

    I’m using Firefox, if that makes any difference. Seems I’m the only with this problem. LOL! As you can see, to me it looks like pattern 8 hasn’t come out yet. LOL!

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    Ah – while the pattern has been accessible from our home page, I neglected to update that landing page for the stitchalong. It’s all better now.

    Thanks for letting us know!

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    Ah, ok. I’m sorry, I didn’t even realize they were being posted in two different places. Haha! Well, thank you for linking it for me and fixing the page too. Now if I could get some progress done on it (the SpriteStitch mega and mini swaps are happening right now too and swamping me)!

    Thanks for putting on a great stitch along and I hope to get mine done soon and see others’!

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