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    Well – okay, it’s not over just yet. We’ll be leaving all the patterns up for the next three weeks while you guys finish up and send us your pics. Please remember to use hashtag #steotchalong so we can find you! After Labor Day, we’ll gather all the pics and posts and figure out how to showcase your work.

    You guys, we are continually thrilled and humbled to see how many of you dive in and play along with us every year. It’s really overwhelming, in a good way.

    Use the space below to tell us how close you are to being done – and tell us what you’ll be working on next!

    Which text did you choose? What will you do with your finished piece?

    What should we plan differently for next year?

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    jessica collins

    Does the last option say “large sorry you wait so fat time”? Could a GOT watcher explain what that means? Thanks!

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      It’s from a scene where Tyrion is trying to speak another language (Valyrian, to be exact) and he doesn’t know it particularly well. “Large sorry you wait so fat time” was literally what he said to a group of people he was about the negotiate the fine details of getting rid of slavery with.

      tyrion dancing

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        Jessica collins

        Oh, thanks! I was convinced I was reading it wrong somehow!

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    I just started pattern 8 last night, so I’m still playing catch up- but the end is in sight. Thank you so much for doing this project with us again! It’s such a fun thing to look forward to in the summer. I get so excited when it’s almost Stetoch-along time!

    I’ll probably go with “I drink and I know things.”

    Next year I’d like to do not a face. I’d really love more color, maybe something more traditionally sampler-y. Perhaps not so much blending. 😀 That gets rather tedious. I like the 10 week plan though, it keeps the fun going longer!

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    As soon as I saw Tyrion in the pattern I knew I was gonna use some sort of God of Tits and Wine quote. And then I chose impin’ ain’t easy. I love how it’s turned out, it’s the most complicated thing I’ve sewn and I’m super proud of it. Thank you Steotch for pushing us, if this had been a complete pattern from the start I don’t think I’d have attempted it! Now back to the GoT house banners, a Boba Fett sugar skull/helmet and various other unfinisheds. One WIP is for wusses.

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    I have to admit: I am kick-ass happy about this pattern, as I am one of the people who suggested GOT when suggestions were first being solicited. So, I might know some things too.

    Sadly, I am very far behind because it has been a crappy summer. On a happier note, I have adopted a new stitchy friend, named after a GOT character: Tormund Giantsbane, an orange male kitten (because he has been “kissed by fire”). He was a rescue, and he definitely has a “wilding” spirit.

    Thank you, Steotch, for being the coolest cross stitch place in the world!

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      Yay for new furbabies!! Congrats on the new addition to your family. Love his name!

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      I love your kitty name choice!!

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    P.S. — Probably, “I am the god of tits and wine.” (It’s for my son.)

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    So, since the pattern has been flipped right side up, the graph lines are off. Only figured it out after my first word was already stitched. Don’t know if anyone else is having this issue, but thought I’d bring it up anyway in case, like me, you weren’t paying close enough attention and just going off grid lines. Learn from my mistake!

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    Ohhhhhhh my zod… the wording options!!! They are awesome!! I have no idea which one I’m going to pick. I’m bouncing between 4 of them. I’ll be framing it and displaying it in my home. For sure in the living room for all to see & bask in it’s glory. 🙂

    I am all caught up, and ready to stitch the words tonight.

    Thank you, Steotch, for yet another fun steochalong! I bitched about the gold… but you were absolutely right. It looks amazing. 🙂

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    My steotch recipient has agreed these are better, more perfect, words than those she chose, so tomorrow he is on his way to Cali, where he will live happily ever after with one of his biggest fans. Safe travels, you little imp!

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      Your lettering is so crisp!

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        Thanks! I used 3 strands and I love backstitching! 🙂

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    Next up, the Cloudsfactory ’12 Doctors’ clock face for the second time because they don’t give you crucial details about clock size and mounting and I royally fucked up the first one. Luckily, it’s fun and I have someone to give the first one to, once I build a clock, so not a total loss. 🙂

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      I’m off to Google for this because it sounds right up my alley!

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        Listen, I had to learn this the hard way. When I bought the pattern last year, the instructions on how to mount were not included and I found only one tutorial on line that was for a different clock face, so I screwed it up. If you stitch on 14 ct, get a clock that measures at least 11 1/2 inches. The measurements on the boxes are the total size of the clock, NOT the clock face. On 14, the clock face you stitch will be 9 3/4 x 9 3/4, it will not fit inside a 10″ clock. I kept my 10″ clock and I’m doing the second one on 16 ct fabric, should be good. Also, measure the center very carefully and make your hole for the clock stem before you start stitching. I used an exacto knife and cut a 5×5 square out of the middle in my 16 ct. This allows the fabric to sit all the way down around the base of the stem and it’s small enough that the washer and the nut that goes on under the hands will cover the edges of the hole. I used Fray Stop on the edges of the hole then stitched over them with full cross-stitches, nothing fancy. It’s nice and smooth and tight, it won’t come apart.

        I hope you see this before you start! let me know if you have any questions!

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    I have last week and this week to finish. I am sad it’s over! I’ll be finishing it with pattern “g” and then giving it to my mom, as she is a huge got fan. When I feel up to it, I will continue working group on my mystic stitch queen of spades which I started in April. 🙂

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    I’m going off the grid!! Kinda sorta, an imperative “Drink And Know Things” in the font of option D. Emily, Would you be able to provide “k” in that font before I try to hack at it myself? Luckily I’m in meetings all day tomorrow where I can get charting done. 😀

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      You bet! Shoot me a note at, and I’ll send you the chart for a “k.” I’ll go and make the pattern file now. Can’t wait to see what you do- it’s a fun font, isn’t it?

      I’d just upload it here, but I guess the image has to be hosted somewhere, and Matt has already gone to bed, and he’s the code guy. I should know how to do it, myself, I know (I’m embarrassed)… If you don’t write by the morning, I’ll send it to him and see if he can get it uploaded here.

      Back to stitching our next thing…

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      Oh, crazy! I just decided to do the same thing tonight! I hacked a K (and modified a couple other letters to make it fit how I wanted it) so I guess we’ll see how it compares to the real thing. haha

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      Well, almost. Not an imperative…although that’s a really good idea. I just got so excited to see someone else was going off-script and using another font option for (sort of) the same quote that I didn’t read thoroughly. Don’t mind me… ;D

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    I went with Impin’ Ain’t’ Easy.

    I’d love to see an Outlander themed stitch next year!

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    this was a totally epic SAL. seriously. I’m a little sad it’s over. but also not… because blends. I’m just so happy I didn’t screw it up too bad along the way because I probably would have given up on it, and then it would haunt me forever.

    now I’m starting my Beauty and the Beast stitch-along from now until the movie is released. Somehow I’m also trying to keep up on the Pumpkin Passport, the Clouds Factory Postcards, trying to finish the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Summer SAL, and waiting for the Trick or Treaters and the National Parks SAL’s to arrive (I don’t think they’re going to make it to Canada before they start).

    I’m also trying to get a hoop sent for a swap, a star mini-quilt, and (what was I thinking) now a Heather Ross mini quilt – my partner on that one gave me about 5 words to go on. But I’m swapping Halloween and Christmas hexies and I’ve never done hexies before, so I’m pretty stoked about that!

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      I have the Pumpkin Passport too…I’m on January 😛

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      What is this Beauty and the Beast SAL you speak of?! That sounds amazing. Also, the National Parks SAL looks so fun!

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        A group of about 25 of us are all stitching DonaStitch’s Beauty and the Beast and the schedule I layed out finishes up just in time for the new movie next March. Check out #beautyandthebeastSAL on instagram and join in!

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    My boyfriend loves the pattern and is going to do the next one with me. He was very disappointed to find out that it’s an annual party, and there’s not one on all of the time!

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    I ended up with “I drink, and I know things.” I’m traditional that way.

    This has been so much fun. I’ve done all four of these and they’re some of my all-time favorite projects. I think it’s (at least) partially because it’s fun knowing that there are so many other people who enjoy this as much as I do.

    As luck would have it, I’m finishing three projects this week. This, a birth announcement for my adorable niece, and an old-timey sampler I modified to include a Princess Bride quote. May I just say, after spending a ton of time on only figuring out a font and the placement of that one quote, I bow to your design skillz, Emily!

    I’ve got a vintage-looking Captain America and a picture of Picasso’s Rooster (not nearly as dirty as it sounds) in the works now, but I’m intrigued by what you guys are working on too so I may be a copycat.

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    I just now finished and sent in a pic. Filled in the rest of the border with 712, and I chose “Why are all the gods such vicious cunts? Where is the God of Tits and Wine?”, which I charted myself. It was my first time charting text of more than just one or two words and without using an online backstitch generator. Many sheets of graph paper died to bring us this finish. The sampler will be staying with me, as it was a such a good learning experience that it has sentimental value.

    But charting text isn’t all I learned. I learned a lot about GoT, including that it is way too violent for little old me. I learned that the sweet older ladies at the needlework shop have no qualms about framing a sampler with Bad Words in it. And I learned that “dank” is no longer just a word used to describe a leaky basement. As always, the Steotchalong is so much more than advertised and has left me enriched: a wiser, if perhaps slightly squicked, person. So thank you, Steotch. You are doing the God of Tits and Wine’s work.

    Next? I dunno, one of the half dozen WIPs I have going, I guess.

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    I went with “Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can hold them against you.” I love that quote and I love how it fills up the space. (Here’s a pic, please ignore how wrinkly it is, literally tied off the last backstitch an hour ago)

    I just have to thank you for such an incredible pattern! I’ve only been cross stitching for a little over a year and this has been the most challenging piece I’ve done and tbh, not sure I would have even started it if I had just been given the completed pattern…

    I’m a massive fan of GoT and Tyrion is my favorite character, so this will be proudly displayed in my apartment, and may occasionally find itself on my desk at work.

    (and thanks @mgokayla for showing this to me I am FOREVER GRATEFUL)

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    I LOVE this pattern! “I Drink and I Know Things,” is one of my favorite quotes, ever. It fits me, though I am not as brilliant (or as much of a alcoholic) as Tyrion. Thank you for the great pattern! I will be back next year for sure. I am a bit behind, though, so no picture from me for a while.

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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I just got home from an out of town trip and you have already shut it down!! Please please please may I have the last two patterns, I have it printed up to pattern 8. I’m currently finishing up pattern 5, so I’ve already invested so much! I beg of you! I’m sending my pity vibes. ~~~~

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