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    4 Aug 2015 With the Minekaze at tier 5 you have a gem of a destroyer in World of Warships. Stock: 4x 120 mm gun in 4 gun positions with a range of 6.9 km and a RoF of 5 rounds a minute. Upgraded: 4x 120 mm gun in 4 gun positions with a range of 7.6 km and a RoF of 6 rounds a minute.
    I was looking for a guide like this when I first started playing but couldn’t find one, so I made Fubuki is good, just not as good as the Minekaze.
    27 Feb 2017
    2 Jan 2016
    I feel lost playing as them. Maybe is it just me failing at torp launches or everyone else here as them WASD hacks.
    Owing to her powerful turbines, Minekaze could produce very high speeds that were superior to man. Minekaze : Japanese Destroyer V : Guide Videos

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