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    I’m so emotional right now.

    What are you going to remember most about the Steotchalong? Good or bad, what was your takeaway? Something you watched or listened to while you stitched? A particular part of the pattern that you struggled with or really enjoyed watching come together? Something in your life that is now forever linked to the experience of Steotchalong3?

    No matter what, remember to keep that Steotchalong Feeling in your heart all year round.

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    bahaha no wonder i was thinking Han was a bit unfinished – i missed the last two pages of last week’s pattern! No wonder I didn’t have much to do 😀 so this week I get to do the text and his face 🙂

    I have loved this, so much! Thanks for doing it, and I can’t wait to buy more of your designs 🙂 I really struggled with the backstitch over the darker bits (when you couldnt quite see what you were doing), but goodness it makes such a difference! I am so stoked with how it has turned out 😀


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      PS – hooray for Aussies getting the patterns in the middle of the day!

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    I love it, and I can’t wait to bequeath it to a Star Wars nerd near me. I was wondering, however, if I did choose to personalize it a bit further, would you be able to release the pattern without the words? I’m not talented at all in this way and it would be so helpful if I had all those blank grids to actually draw out what I want to say. Does that make sense? It’s 2AM and I’ve been stitching your Macklemore pattern and I’m a little blinded by olive green and yellow and semi-delirious. This has been so much fun. I wish I knew how to create my own patterns.

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    Aaron Hadley

    If you’re giving this to a nerdy friend that doesn’t shower enough: “I thought they smelled bad… on the outside!”

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    I love the Star Wars font on Pattern A, but I’m being seduced by the dark side of the force…Pattern F.

    Mostly I listened to my massive random playlist. I also watched Boogie Nights, Hard Candy, and Silence of the Lambs. They are all movies I’ve seen millions of times before which was perfect because I had to keep my eye on my stitching the whole time.

    This is the most intricate pattern I’ve ever done. There were a few times when I thought I’d flub the quarter stitches and the backstitching. Last week’s pattern was especially difficult. I was so worried that one mistake would ruin the whole piece. I’m so damn proud of myself that I’ve (nearly) finished this thing.

    I also loved the theme. I teared up the first time I saw the trailer for the new Star Wars movie.

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    I’m going with Pattern D.

    As usual, I’m sad to see this end. I get so excited on Final Pattern Eve, and the next day I get bummed out because it’s over.

    My main takeaway this time around was the discovery that my iPad is a godsend for reading charts. Can’t quite make out the symbols? Enlarge! Oh, and I got a new needle minder, which I love.

    Emily and Matt, thanks once again for a wonderful Steotchalong. It’s been a blast!

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      iPad chart reading FTW, right? I have started using a PDF app (tinyPDF i think?) that allows you to mark it up as well, to keep track of your stitches. I found it especially useful for all the backstitching!

      I have to say, I finished Han’s face last night and it’s nowhere near as good as yours, Emily, nor as good as some of the ones i’ve seen online. BUT I did my best, and it’s still recognisably a face 😛

      I’ve discovered I really need a needle minder (the amount of times I’ve stuck it in the couch somewhere and then can’t find it?!), and one of those cards you can thread all your colours through and label – I’ve now got a big ball of unidentified thread that is probably going in the bin once i’m done.

      I chose pattern A – my husband and I could not go past the excellent star wars font!! 😀 i’d love to do it again and do “Chewie we’re home”, and i freaking love the one with Wookie speak 🙂

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      This was the first chart I did on an iPad too! Game changing!

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    What I’ll remember most is the feeling of stupidity I get everytime I attempt to 1/4 stitch on 18 count aida…it was on clearance, I’m cheap. I didn’t have any aida laying around that was large enough. #lessonlearned

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    I’m waiting to hear which final pattern I’ll stitch. I gave my piece’s recipient the options so she can decide (she’s busy talking herself into and out of each one in succession).

    This has been a great time and to be blatantly sentimental (sorry!), I may remember these message threads the most. It’s fun to know there are so many other stitchers out there. I’m thankful to the internet for showing me that I’m not the only one who likes a snarky message in their old-fashioned craft.

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    Two things!

    1. Is it too late to send my pic?
    2. Is there another way I can give you some $$ without Paypal? My Paypal is having issues at the moment. I can send you a check or mail you a loaf of banana bread with a twenty baked in? What’s your pleasure?

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    Mine looks a bit… well… if you squint it looks good. I messed up a few things in Chewie and my Han is a bit cross-eyed. But it was fun!

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