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  1. Camille


    I was wondering if you could be commissioned to stitch another “bless this house” and how much it would cost. It is awesome. Thanks.


  2. Lauren

    I agree with Camille. I would also love a “bless this house” cross stitch. Please let me know if there will ever be another one!

      1. steotch

        if i had a pattern, i would make you all very happy! unfortunately, no pattern exists, as the stitching for Dr. House’s face was totally improvised. stitching a perfect duplicate of the sampler would be extremely difficult. if i ever try, i will have to start from scratch to recreate it, so for now, it will remain a one-of-a-kind piece.

        it’s rad that you like it so much! thanks!

  3. missourimom62

    Your work is phenomenal, phenomenal. I’m worried, though, and hope you are doing OK.
    Jesus H Christ, you have talent.

  4. alexinmadison


    Wondering if you have a pattern for the Rick Roll sampler? I realize it’s fairly simple and I could probably recreate it but, frankly, I’m lazy. 😉

    Which brings me to my next question, can patterns be had for other samplers that are not available on Etsy??

    You’ve inspired me.

  5. steotch

    hey alex-

    thanks for asking! we are most definitely going to get the pattern for “ghost ride” up- we’ve wanted to do it for a long time! thanks for the encouragement to finally make it happen!


  6. Kathryn

    I think your work is amazing! I too would love the Rick Roll pattern.

    Also, I had an idea for a project, The Bed Intruder! How awesome would that be!!

    Keep up the great work!

  7. Michelle

    You are AWESOME. I just saw your Judge Judy piece, and I WANT IT. Do you have a pattern, or will you be making another one? Thanks!

  8. Sarah

    I know that another “Bless this House” is out of the question (about which I cry daily) but I was wondering if the same applies to the “Umm is not an answer” Judge Judy sampler?? You are awesome!! <3

  9. Rach S.

    What’s your opinion on guys who cross stitch? Do you think they fear doing it because people may comment saying ‘thats gay’ like a real-life YouTube troll?

  10. Scott

    Hi, absolutely love your Mawwiage pattern. I’ve never attempted needlework so I’d love to commission one if possible for my brothers upcoming wedding. Do you accept orders?

  11. Ashley


    I was wondering if you do commissioned work? I really like one of the samplers that sold an was wondering if it were at all possible to have another one done.

    Thanks! Your work is amazing!

  12. Jerod

    Are you making more of the “Kiss the Cook” pieces for sale (already stiched)? I’m definitely interested!

  13. Valerie

    My daughters directed me to this website – I have to say, I laughed through the whole thing!! I’ve already stitched ‘Bless this Hizzy’ and ‘Mawwiage’, but see SO many more that I’d love to get the pattern for!!! Is there a reason you don’t sell the patterns? Honestly, you’d have a great business doing that!! I know there are at least 5 or 6 that my daughters would LOVE for me to stitch for them!!! Thanks!!

  14. Katelyn


    I was wondering if you by any chance do any kind of special commission pieces? I love your work and would be very interested in a cross stitch. thank you.


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