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Watchalong: Teevee Edition

Can you watch TV and count at the same time?

Without miscounting?

An All-Boob Tube edition of the Watchalong starts NOW.


Stitching and finishing oitnb #steotchalong #mystery #whatisthat #crossstitch #crossstitcher #stitchbitch #pattern4

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Working on #steotchalong #weektwo while watching #oitnb and still #clueless to what this year is

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Never procrastinating again. Tune in next week to observe me saying the exact same thing! #steotchalong

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Watchalong: CAT EDITION

So far, we’ve had about 225 works-in-progress posted on Instagram, with dozens more on Twitter. Far too many to host here – but let’s hit some highlights.

This week – The Cats of Steotchalong


She’s helping. #steotchalong

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This is BS. I have stitching to do! #steotchalong #steotch #crossstitch #crossstitching #lazycat #catnap

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My little helper. #catsofinstagram #tuxedocat #steotchalong #crossstitch

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Kitty thinks she’s helping with my #steotchalong #grannycore #helpingnothelping #catbutt

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I’m READY. #steotchalong #steotchalong2016 #mysterysteotchalong4 @steotch

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Good thing I have a guard-cat to protect my floss stash. #xstitch #steotchalong

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The Reddit Lovers’ Power Pack

All December, we’ve been hosting Steotch Month on /r/crossstitch, with our AMA, a freebie ornament and special discounts and giveaways.

Now we’re wrapping things up with the Reddit Lovers’ Power Pack: seven minisampler patterns that will only make sense to Reddit enthusiasts:


Reddit Power Pack 1 – ARE YOU FUCKING SORRY


Reddit Power Pack 2 – Test Post


Reddit Power Pack 3 – Cat Facts


Reddit Power Pack 4 – With Rice


Reddit Power Pack 5 – Loch Ness Monster


Reddit Power Pack 6 – It Went Okay


Reddit Power Pack 7 – Banana For Scale

Stitch and post for sweet karma.