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Steotchalong 4: Wrap-Up


Relive the quaint days of a simpler time – a couple months ago:

As promised, we’ve selected a handful of the selfies as More Good than all the rest.  We’ll be reaching out to each of these folks individually to help them get their choice of kit from our Etsy.



Sorry, cat people – from Jessica, via Facebook



The comment makes it. –  from leighdelo on Instagram.

Dankest Place


Yosemite always wins – from mgokayla on Instagram.



That’s the inside of a submarine.  I ain’t going in no submarine.  – from MK on Facebook.

Thanks to all who played along – the video above includes some really fun and amazing pictures, and we continue to be astounded that you all apparently enjoy doing this with us!

Stay tuned for more Steotchalong updates as events warrant.


Steotchalong 4: The final patterns


Steotchalong 2016 comes to its towering conclusion – with hundreds of pictures, tweets, posts and emails from stitchers around the globe, still humming with the heart-pounding action of CROSS STITCH.  We’re pleased to post the final choose-your-own-ending pattern, below. We hope you like it and brag incessantly to your friends.

As always, a HUGE thank-you to everyone who played along and took the leap of faith, and especially to those who helped make this possible with their financial support..

Here is the final pattern discussion forum.  Please use this forum to give us your feedback and tell us what you decided to do with your finished piece.

Steotchalong patterns will disappear after Labor Day, 9/5/16.

SEND US YOUR SELFIES – when you’ve got your piece finalized, post it on Twitter, our FB, or Instagram with hashtag #steotchalong – or send it to We have plans once again for showcasing the work of the whole community here – so don’t dawdle!

You can help ensure future Steotchalongs by visiting us on Etsy.


Okay, here it is:

>>>>~~~~~  Steotchalong 4 – the final patterns  ~~~~~<<<<



Watchalong: Happy Hour Edition

Who’s thirsty for some cross stitch?

It’s all good unless you spill some.


Options! #steotchalong #drinkalong

A photo posted by Margaret Spare (@sparemargaret) on


Cheers to a fuck up free week. 🙌 @steotch #steotchalong #crossstitch #embroidery

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Tearing through episodes, classy beer, and stacks of gold. #steotchalong #godoftitsandwine #stitchandbinge

A photo posted by Suzanne Wittwer (@heygooserocks) on





Watchalong: Teevee Edition

Can you watch TV and count at the same time?

Without miscounting?

An All-Boob Tube edition of the Watchalong starts NOW.


Stitching and finishing oitnb #steotchalong #mystery #whatisthat #crossstitch #crossstitcher #stitchbitch #pattern4

A photo posted by Nicole stj (@notthedroids_nicole) on



Working on #steotchalong #weektwo while watching #oitnb and still #clueless to what this year is

A photo posted by ê®ïçå (@epcaden) on

Never procrastinating again. Tune in next week to observe me saying the exact same thing! #steotchalong

A photo posted by Kayla MacLennan (@mgokayla) on


Watchalong: CAT EDITION

So far, we’ve had about 225 works-in-progress posted on Instagram, with dozens more on Twitter. Far too many to host here – but let’s hit some highlights.

This week – The Cats of Steotchalong


She’s helping. #steotchalong

A photo posted by Katy Joksch (@littlebirdloves) on


This is BS. I have stitching to do! #steotchalong #steotch #crossstitch #crossstitching #lazycat #catnap

A photo posted by Phyllis H (@irving67) on

My little helper. #catsofinstagram #tuxedocat #steotchalong #crossstitch

A photo posted by Miranda C. (@mirandom03) on


Kitty thinks she’s helping with my #steotchalong #grannycore #helpingnothelping #catbutt

A photo posted by Michelle DB (@dumdeedoo) on


I’m READY. #steotchalong #steotchalong2016 #mysterysteotchalong4 @steotch

A photo posted by judgejody (@judgejody) on

Good thing I have a guard-cat to protect my floss stash. #xstitch #steotchalong

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