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The Reddit Lovers’ Power Pack

All December, we’ve been hosting Steotch Month on /r/crossstitch, with our AMA, a freebie ornament and special discounts and giveaways.

Now we’re wrapping things up with the Reddit Lovers’ Power Pack: seven minisampler patterns that will only make sense to Reddit enthusiasts:


Reddit Power Pack 1 – ARE YOU FUCKING SORRY


Reddit Power Pack 2 – Test Post


Reddit Power Pack 3 – Cat Facts


Reddit Power Pack 4 – With Rice


Reddit Power Pack 5 – Loch Ness Monster


Reddit Power Pack 6 – It Went Okay


Reddit Power Pack 7 – Banana For Scale

Stitch and post for sweet karma.

Steotchalong 2015: The Last Pattern

go stitch a star war

Steotchalong 2015 has come lumbering to its crafty conclusion – after 600+ posts in the forums, 450+ photos on Instagram, and notes and tweets from stitchers around the globe – we’re happy to post the final choose-your-own-ending pattern, below.  We hope you like it.  A HUGE thank-you to everyone who played along and took the leap of faith.

Here is the final pattern discussion forum.

Steotchalong 3 patterns will only stay online through the month of August.  Grab them now if you still need to catch up!

Update, 9/1/15:  Steotchalong 3 has ended and the patterns are no longer available. Sorry!

SEND US YOUR SELFIES – when you’ve got your piece finalized, post it on Twitter, our FB, or Instagram with hashtag #steotchalong – or send it to  We have plans for showcasing the work of the whole community here – so don’t dawdle!

You can help ensure future Steotchalongs by visiting us on Etsy.


Okay, here it is:

>>>>~~~~~  Steotchalong 2015 the final pattern ~~~~~<<<<