Steotchalong 5: Pattern 1


First rodeo? Click here if you need more information.

Don’t forget our various contests – share your WIPs, engage in the Facebook group or other social media using the hashtag #steotchalong. The whole point of this madness to build up the community of internet cross stitchers – make friends, share your talents, have fun. We’ll keep the shtick going on here while you make it the must-do annual event for stitchers everywhere.

As always, the Steotchalong is pay what you want, if you want.



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Steotchalong patterns are freely available during the Steotchalong (and only during the Steotchalong) using the link below, whether or not you choose to click the links above.

Choose kindly. 🙂

You may download Pattern 1 below. And God have mercy on your soul.


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