Steotchalong 5: Contest Deets

Share your progress and win fabulous prizes!!

Every year, we encourage you to share your WIP pics: show us some amazing place you’ve brought your Steotchalong; capture that smugness on your cat’s face when he knows he’s sitting on your stitching; document every glorious mistake you’ve got to rip out; show us what you’re watching on TV as you stitch; find a local celebrity to pose with you and your WIP… you know, impress us all with your creativity and style.  And of course, send in your general WIP pics, too, so we can include them in our slideshow compilation and weekly updates.

This year’s WIP Pic Contests will be judged in the following areas:

  1. Cutest. Because it’s the Internet, and you all have babies and pets and adorable grandmas who deserve to be recognized as such.  Really, show us something freaking precious, you guys.  Fight for it.
  2. Distance from HQ. That’s right, from Steotch Global Headquarters here in Durham, NC, USA.  Which of you are stitching from farthest away?  We want to see from all of our International stitchers this year, so please send pictures!
  3. Largest group of Steotchalongers. We know that many of you roped your friends into stitching with you and others have found local Steotch neighbors in the FB Steotchalongers group.  Get together, stitch over lunch, plan a meetup somewhere local to you (We’ll be doing this here in North Carolina – details to come!)… and take a picture with your WIPs!  The picture with the most Steotchalongers wins (and everyone in the picture gets credit).
  4. Most creative sampler. Yes, we’ll have many design options for you to choose from in the final week of this year’s Steotchalong, but there’s always someone who’s gotta go off-script and do their own thing.  Well, this year’s pattern is perfect for that, and we may reward you for it.  So if you wanna get personal with this year’s sampler, go for it.  Have fun and make something exceptional.
  5. Judge’s Awards. For whatever we want.

Prizes will depend on category, but will include free patterns, kits and related bric-a-brac.  We will be restocking our kits and aprons soon, and we have a handful of new designs coming out this summer– there will be new offerings for even the most faithful groupies.

As always, this contest is purely for fun and we reserve ultimate judgment over the winners.  Please participate, send us your pics, but DON’T FIGHT OR I SWEAR TO GOD I’M TURNING THIS AROUND.  Let’s have a good time sharing the magic of sweary cross stitch.

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  1. Madeline

    Can you give the email address for WIPs again? It’s got weird spaces and just removing them bounced it back. Thanks!


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