Steotchalong 4: The final patterns


Steotchalong 2016 comes to its towering conclusion – with hundreds of pictures, tweets, posts and emails from stitchers around the globe, still humming with the heart-pounding action of CROSS STITCH.  We’re pleased to post the final choose-your-own-ending pattern, below. We hope you like it and brag incessantly to your friends.

As always, a HUGE thank-you to everyone who played along and took the leap of faith, and especially to those who helped make this possible with their financial support..

Here is the final pattern discussion forum.  Please use this forum to give us your feedback and tell us what you decided to do with your finished piece.

Steotchalong patterns will disappear after Labor Day, 9/5/16.

SEND US YOUR SELFIES – when you’ve got your piece finalized, post it on Twitter, our FB, or Instagram with hashtag #steotchalong – or send it to We have plans once again for showcasing the work of the whole community here – so don’t dawdle!

You can help ensure future Steotchalongs by visiting us on Etsy.


Okay, here it is:

>>>>~~~~~  Steotchalong 4 – the final patterns  ~~~~~<<<<



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