Watchalong: Pattern 1

First, the stunt stitchers:

On the bus:

In the theater:

Something to keep me sane between cues. #steochalong

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There was Jessica, who finished Pattern 1 the same day we posted it:


And Elaine, who also wrote a lovely blog post:

Week 1 of #steotchalong is complete! To read more on why I love @steotch visit

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And two more from the Twitterverse:


And the Gridders from Facebook:

Jody Pflipsen

and Michelle Hoff Debruyn


And… well, too many other patterns shared on FB and Instagram to share them all.

I just need to remark what a wonderful community has emerged around this event.  The forums have been hopping, as well as chatter on all the social media channels – and everyone is so much fun, and so enthusiastic.  And no assholes (so far)!  Do you know how rare this is on the internets?  So, a big thank you to all.

The Official Guesses Thread is a little slow – people are understandably saving their guess.  But you are encouraged to “unofficially” guess elsewhere in the forums or on FB/Twitter/wherever.  It’s just that for the contest we needed to have an official space.  Guess all you want anywhere else.

Also – Emily has stated that she will be very surprised if no one guesses it correctly after the next pattern comes out.  If someone gets it right, we will NOT acknowledge that fact at all (at first).  Eventually you will all figure it out, one way or another, and the winner will be clear.

Okay.  Pattern 2, coming at you Monday.

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