A Quick Note Before We Begin

It’s Steotchalong Eve Eve.YALL

In the last few days, we’ve received notes from stitchers around the world preparing their stashes for what’s to come (such pressure, very anxiety). And, by the way, if you haven’t added your name to the roll call you should get on that.

Some of you are already asking for hints, which is cute. We won’t get into the business of acknowledging your guesses until we’re well into this thing and everyone’s pretty much figured out what you’re stitching (and by the way – you’ll all THINK you’ve got it totally figured out pretty quickly, but don’t be so sure until the last day).

You’re going to have to trust us on this one.

But allow us to say one thing quickly about the content of this piece. Some of you have made comments to the effect of how you just found Steotch because of the stitch-along. That’s great! Welcome! If you’re new here, PLEASE take a moment to familiarize yourself with our portfolio – while we won’t say what this pattern will be, you can safely assume it will be in the spirit of the rest of our, uh, oeuvre. It might contain themes that are more mature or snarky than you might expect from cross stitch. It also might just be a really stupid joke. It might be both.

Guys, let’s just be safe and assume it’s both.

We’ll post an official discussion thread (ha!) for each pattern, so you can tawk amongst yourselves while you get your spinster on.

Please note that we have added a consequence for failure. Any miscounted stitches will result in an unsatisfactory mark on your official record. Followed by death.

Two days…

3 thoughts on “A Quick Note Before We Begin

  1. vmisch

    I will forever be SO grateful that I found Steotch: Fine Needleart!!!!! Have enjoyed stitching patterns for myself and for gifts, and am SO looking forward to this stitch-along!!! Can only imagine what the final result will be!!!


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