Kiss the Cook


Good product takes time, and this sampler is the result of four months of carefully following every step in our patented formula. A truly one of a kind piece, the sampler is sure to brighten up your kitchen – whether you’re whipping up an extravagant breakfast for junior, or just bringing in pizza and dipping sticks. The cook cannot stop.

Fat stacks, yo.  Sold

Pattern available, bitch.

P1010417b      P1010417a


51 thoughts on “Kiss the Cook

  1. gtank

    You do the best faces. The colors are perfect. If you gave a workshop on stitching I would totally be there. Just a thought. 🙂

  2. steotch

    beth, it’s so great to hear from you! you flatter me.

    as for the pattern- we do have one, which we could make available on etsy, if people would like to take it on. it’s a very challenging piece.

    1. Carys

      I would LOVE to buy the pattern for this! My man is a huge Breaking Bad fan, this would be an amazing gift! 🙂

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  10. Bonnie

    My fiancé and I are dying to have this in our kitchen! Will you be selling it completed, or only the pattern? I can sew a button but probably not a complicated pattern like this!

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  12. Taylor

    Please sell this pattern! I love the piece and I wouldn’t mind the challange! I love love (two loves!) all your work, btw.

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  15. steotch

    yes, it’s still coming- sorry for the delay. we’ve been having technical difficulties with the charts. rest assured, we’re working hard on it!

  16. spaceytracy

    oh my gods, i will pay good money for this pattern! i am echoing the outcry for the pattern! it will fill my weeks between episodes so much better than being spoiled on reddit. it’s up to you to prevent spoilers!

  17. forgottofollow

    My boyfriend saw this and loves it. I’d love to be able to buy the pattern too if possible so I can make it as a present? It’s brilliant 🙂

    1. forgottofollow

      Oops my phone didn’t load all the comments, just read the newest comments, can’t wait to see it on etsy and start sewing 🙂

  18. spaceytracy

    warning shmarnings, i AM the danger. or i like to buy pdfs that will languish in a drawer along with a piece of fabric that says “kiss the co” thank you so much for putting this up! i can’t wait to give it a go. i promise to go to youtube and not to you for help!

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