Noam Sweet Noam


Just seeing this cross-stitched smile will surely manufacture your consent that this sampler is incredible. Maybe you can’t join the ruling class, but with this in your living room you could feel like it. Surely your guests will say “Wow! This is an unaccountable institution!”

Update: 3/7/12:  Internet Craftsters like us depend on sharing.  Somehow it didn’t seem to be in the spirit of Chomsky to sell this pattern, so we decided to do the democratic thing, and share it for free.  All we ask is that you share, too.  If you finish the project – please share a picture with us on Twitter or Facebook, or at least tell your friends where you got the pattern.  This pattern (GRAB BOTH of the two PDFs below) is not recommended for beginning stitchers, so be warned, beotch!

Pattern    ~    Info Sheet

a work in progress
And it only took a month…

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