13 thoughts on “Judgment Day

  1. Alexis

    April is the reason that I discovered your site (and what an incredible site it is!)

    Everyone I have shown Steotch to has absolutely loved it– you are an incredible needleworker and one tough chick. Congrats on beating the big C.

    And thanks to April for this amazing discovery!

  2. Shannon

    This is the coolest — any plans to make this pattern available? This has Mom’s Birthday Present written all over it.

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  4. steotch

    aw, you guys. thanks!
    the trouble with trying to draw up a pattern for this (and the other faces like picard, House) is two-fold. first, there’s just some freestyle embroidery- glasses, eyes, and such. the bigger issue in trying to convey the pattern is that i used two different colored threads in single stitches to try and blend the colors just right. our cross stitch pattern software doesn’t have a method to depict this (say, one thread of 3771 and one of 950). it might be possible to chart it out with symbols and then create a separate key to decode the different colored thread combinations, but it could be tricky not only to fudge our software to create such a chart, but then to be able to read it. we’ll look into it, though- you guys are really persistent! 🙂

    1. Firesheep67

      Pattern PLEASE!!! I’ll put down my knitting needles and promptly go to work for this one 😀 Has awesomesauce written all over it!!

  5. Erin

    I must have this pattern. I understand what you are saying about the difficulty but maybe just notes on the pattern would work. We promise not to get mad if the pattern isn’t exactly as it should be. I must stich this….NOW.

  6. Hannah Sheppard

    I am a completely random visitor who just saw this on regretsy and I MUST HAVE THIS IN MY LIFE I’M SERIOUS. OH MY GOD. This is actually one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, and I’m not being facetious. I’m totally in love.

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