The Jolly Wookiee


Yes, it’s time again for Life Day. Time to snack on Hoth chocolate and Wookiee-ookiees, and try not to kill yourself after watching old clips of terrible Christmas specials – like, oh, say this one, starting at 1:40.

Life Day. It’s the most unwatchable time of the year.

Not bantha rump, but still, a nice gift.  Sold

3 thoughts on “The Jolly Wookiee

  1. Victoria

    Just wanted to say that we are in Oslo and we are are all in shock after the bombing today. So to distract ourselves I showed my American friend this website. And this embroidery just hit home and please excuse my French but it is f#$king perfect. Thank you for making it and making our day a little better. Much love from Victoria, Kayla, Charolette, Stine and Ben in Oslo 22.07.11

    1. steotch

      Dear Victoria, Kayla, Charlotte, Stine, and Ben –

      This has got to be the most moving feedback we’ve ever received. We are all stunned and saddened here in the US, watching the images from Oslo. Stay safe. I’d quote the lyrics from Princess Leia’s Life Day song, but, ah, you’ve been through enough.

      Peace, beotches. XOXOX


  2. Victoria

    The extent of the tragedy is devastating. But the quote that people and our Prime Minister refer to the most is from a young AUF girl “If one man can create so much hate, think of how much love we can create together”

    Thank you for your response and creating good things in the world.

    From Oslo beotches Victoria and friends to the Steotch beotches 🙂 xoxo


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