Bless This House


Myocardial infarction?


Hepatocellular adenoma?



Not even close.

Lovely traditional cross stitch sampler?

Let’s just say it’s not lupus. it’s SOLD

19 thoughts on “Bless This House

  1. Beren Weil

    I saw this on Regretsy (as an example of utter awesomeness), and was wondering if you are making any duplicates? And if so, how much would one cost? And if you would sell it to someone who types like Miley Cyrus speaks?

    I am a new fan 4evah. Thank you for existing.

  2. MollyMurr

    I seriously would buy one of these as well. Or the pattern, come to think of it. Please be to selling pattern, even if you don’t have inclination to produce more of this one? All your work is so great.

  3. steotch

    aw, you all are the best.

    i promise that i will get patterns up soon. unfortunately, i don’t think i could sell a pattern for this one, in large part because i really couldn’t ever replicate it. it took days of blending colors just so, of stitching and ripping and restitching, and it would break my head to try and recreate it, either on paper or in another sampler. any no one wants Steotch to break their head, right?

    but i promise some patterns, as well as lots and lots more samplers. we can’t wait to share some of our ideas. i gotta get stitching! oh yeah, and charting…

    namaste, bitches

  4. EverythingArie

    I may have to attempt to seduce you so that you give me the email address of the person who bought this. I’ll offer to sell them one of my kidneys (but don’t tell them I have kidney disease HA!) to get it in my posession.

    And as far as seducing you, I know you’d love some girl on girl action from a cynical, over weight tub of chub who only shaves when she thinks she’s getting lucky, right?

    (In all seriousness though, I am in awe of your skills. Awesomeness)

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  7. ebishop24

    Just wondered if you’d had any more thoughts on possibly selling a pattern for this? I am actually desperate for it! Would love to be able to buy the pattern, as I’m sure many others would too.

    Great work, looking forward to seeing more!

  8. Lisa Riggle

    I have a feeling I’m going to be plugging this into photoshop and trying to reverse engineer this project.

    I can already feel my brain melting just thinking about it.

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