It’s bOING bOING competition time!

Greetings, mutants –

Here’s our entry for the bOING bOING “Back to School” De-CGI Contest:

The rules:

The competition theme is De-CGI. Take something that is characteristically computerized and render it with natural media. For example, the pixelated layout of an old-school video game represented as bottletops, or a mandelbrot fractal drawn with crayons. Be imaginative!

Here’s the CGI we picked:

And now… Look at our entry:


Finally listed on Etsy! SOLD

More pictures below the fold:

Just look at it!



This is the fastest piece we’ve ever churned out.  We planned to spend all Labor Day Weekend finishing up other pieces to add to our new little gallery here – but when we saw the competition posted, we knew we had to play.

The border is your seal of authenticity – this baby’s just for the bOING bOING community. 🙂

Update: Nov.8:

We’re a runner up!

Check out our other samplers, too, if you just stopped by from the contest!

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